Healthing Trauma - Sana Traumas

Poetry is a unique art. It can help one see things through words in recovery after trauma.


Drawing, painting, or sculpturing can have benefits in helping one find peace and a safe zone while recovering from trauma.

Learning to play music can be very beneficial by activating other parts of the brain to aid in calming one's self regularly.

A suitably trained Service dog can give independence. and help with many tasks such as grounding and normalizing one's life after trauma.


It's not easy after trauma, and there are always new challenges. Everyone copes differently. Joining a support group is a good idea for those who feel ready. Beware, some predators often pose as victims in support groups seeking the vulnerable. Having a trusted friend or family member can significantly benefit the survivor in an online group setting.


It's not easy, but seeking mental health can be very helpful on one's path towards healing, learning new skills on how to process the present with the past. Research online the latest medicines, know your rights about drug treatments. Check out more than one qualified Dr. to get an idea of your own needs. Not all Doctors are great. Try not to emotionally over-rely on one. Stay up to date on alternative medicines and treatments.


Prayer has helped me emotionally with the burdens I once carried. I carry no more.