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To Adult Children Of Mentally Ill Parent(s)

We Are Not Alone!


IIt's often by helping one another that one can see

through the forest, hope.


Support Groups:

Adult Children Of Mentally Ill Parent(s)


We are all valuble and beautiful in our own way, like diamonds that shine, so do we.

Bright ideas we all have, and can often be great solutions to complex problems by sharing.

The sense or feelings of helplessness are normal, few will understand it's roots. Time has a way making a path for better and greater things in one's life.



I grew up with a mentally ill parent, who through many trials and tribulations taught me to forgive myself, and am still on the road to recovery it's effect it had on my youghth and entire life. In a sick way it's nice to know that I have not suffered alone, it's an odd comfort like crumbs from the table, none the less, others have helped me to survive by sharing so it's only fit to also have the courage to share.


Susan Salas